You Are Not Your Cancer

Remember this: You are a person who has or has had cancer. You ARE NOT, and WILL NEVER BE, the disease itself.

Although, at times, it might feel like this b*stard thing has total control over your life, do not be fooled. You are the same person you were before some rogue cell mutations tried to murder you. Don’t lose sight.

Do the little things to keep you connected to who you are. Put on your favourite tunes, go visit your favourite people, book your favourite restaurant and chat about your favourite yet questionable tv choices.

You are the one in charge. And, as the decision-maker, you do not have to do anything you don’t want to do.  Remaining in control of your care is one way to start showing this thing who’s boss. So make a plan and know the rest of the time is yours to do what you want with. Your life, your rules.

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