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GIRLvsCANCER exists to bring about essential change for the cancer community. To do what needs to be done to empower anyone dealing with a diagnosis and impact improvements of the cancer experience for all.

Cancer Campaign

What we do

Connect people. Create campaigns. Collaborate. Run events. Raise awareness. Make merch. Make noise. Make an impact.

why we do it

To give our community the voice it needs. To let us control the narrative. To educate people about the cancer experience in all its forms. To wipe away stigma and save lives. To drum up crucial dosh for the causes that we care for and that care for us.

How we do it


Community accredited advice and resources to help anyone affected by the cretin that is cancer.


Making merch and making noise to raise funds and awareness (and make you look sexy AF).


Working with others to put cancer in unexpected places and start life-saving conversations.

our bffs

Organisations we work with and are proud to support, who help us give cancer the finger.

Black Women Rising

Black Women Rising was created to address the gaps in cancer support services for Black cancer patients. Our aim is to to empower, raise awareness, promote wellness within our community and ultimately save lives. Find out more



Alike is a lived-experience led, new generation charity that aims to fulfil a basic need: connection. We provide the Alike app, a groundbreaking peer support platform available for anyone (18+) diagnosed with cancer. 

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Make 2nds Count

Make 2nds Count

Make 2nds Count is a UK-wide patient and family focused charity dedicated to giving hope to women and men living with secondary breast cancer. 

Find out more

Live Through This

Live Through This

Live Through This is the UK's only LGBTIQ+ cancer charity and works hard to support and advocate for our community when they are affected by cancer. 

Find out more

sex with cancer

Sex with Cancer

Whether you are living with or beyond cancer, a partner, a potential lover or a medical professional, Sex with Cancer provides practical solutions, peer-led resources and creative ways of re/discovering our bodies and relationships. Welcome to Sex with Cancer – the business that aims to raise more than just awareness!

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the C-List

The C-List

Think of it as a one-stop cancer-kinder platform for all things beauty and gifts when it comes to being on treatment (and beyond). We’ve found all the best products/gifts for you to use which have been recommended by fellow cancer arse-kickers. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to because you’ve got enough on your plate right now.

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Paxman Scalp Cooling

Paxman is a British medical technology company whose scalp-cooling device, available in over 95% of UK hospitals, empowers patients to feel a greater sense of control in helping them to reduce hair loss.

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Our founder

When breast cancer called, this 31 year Londoner decided to take life by the tits. The rest is her-story.


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