A cancer diagnosis completely tears apart your current existence. It cripples you and those you hold dearest. And with one in two of us being touched by cancer in our lifetime charitable organisations have never been more important. Not only are charities raising awareness to ensure the disease is detected early they also act as a lifeline to cancer patients in a time of crisis. Believe me. They’re a place to turn to for emotional advice, financial guidance, practical support or even just to have a vent up to those who ‘get it’.

GIRLvsCANCER is proud donate 25% of TIT-TEE sales plus ALL money raised from GIRLvsCANCER events and brand collaborations to the below GIRLvsCANCER Partner Charities. All of the dollar drummed up will be divided equally four ways to help ensure that these incredible institutions are able to continue doing the epic work they do!

I hand on heart could not have gotten through my own treatment without them. And here’s why…

When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer CoppaFeel! was the second place I headed for, after the pub. OBVS. I’d seen their fierce founder Kris Hallenga who was diagnosed with incurable secondary breast cancer at just 23 years old on the social medias. She struck me as an absolute G. Despite the hella unfair hand she’d been dealt Kris’s tenacity and candor regarding her cantors spoke to me in ways no other organisation had, so when I got the shitty titty news I knew exactly where to go.

CoppaFeel! are out to let young ladies of the world know that breast cancer doesn’t just affect women over fifty and talks to them about their boobs in their natural habitat – schools, university, work, festivals and in the media. It’s crazy that we teach girls how to correctly slip a condom onto a banana but not how to check their breasts. Which, you know, could save their lives. *eye roll*

To make checking your chebs even easier CoppaFeel! even offer a free boob check text service. A little monthly reminder to maul your mammaries direct to your device which is funded by donations alone.

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Trekstock found me very early on in my cancer ‘journey’. After stalking me on instagram founder Sophie Epstone slid into my DM’s and the network has since formed a large chunk of my support system. During the darkest time of my life the incredible team at Trekstock have held my hand and I’ll never be able to repay them for what they have done for me.

Being diagnosed with cancer in your 20’s + 30’s comes with it’s own unique and complicated set of challenges. I mean deciding if you want kids because you’re facing the menopause at 32 is a LOL when your love life is drier than a Jacobs. But Trekstock work tirelessly to provide social and practical support in a relevant light-hearted way that young adults can easily digest. Whether it be a Facebook Live discussion about dating after cancer, social events where you meet other younguns dealing with the c-bomb or using their RENEW scheme to get you safely back into exercise.

They also run the mega cool Yellow Bird Project – collaborating with kick-ass artists such as The Maccabees, Foals, Thee Oh Sees, Bloc Party, Bon Iver + Royal Blood to design exclusive band t-shirts with 100% of the profits going directly to Trekstock.

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Having used the fantastic free psychological, therapeutic and practical support services provided by Breast Cancer Haven during my treatment when I heard they’ll be losing their London base in 2019 I was absolutely devo’d. I began raising cold hard cash for them with my first run of TIT-TEES before I was pointed in the direction of Future Dreams. Future Dreams are an awesome London-based breast cancer charity who are not only working towards rehousing my baes at Breast Cancer Haven but also work with charities Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now to raise awareness and fund much needed research into secondary breast cancer.

I got involved in Breast Cancer Care‘s ‘Someone Like Me‘ scheme during treatment which was crucial in helping me to see a future past cancer, and with Breast Cancer Now‘s goal that by 2050 everyone diagnosed with breast cancer will live, I am proud to support Future Dreams to help make this aim a reality.

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Some of the hardest side effects of cancer treatment to manage are the visible ones. Like anything in life no matter how you feel if you can slap on some lippie and look the part you tend to feel it. But what if when you look in the mirror all you can see are Maris Piper features?

Look Good Feel Better are the only international cancer support charity helping women to do just that during treatment – look good to feel better. Their free confidence boosting skincare workshops and make-up masterclasses teach women practical lessons like how to draw on eyebrows and give the illusion of eyelashes, correct uneven skin tone and regain some self-esteem in the process. When I had a reaction to my antibody drugs and my face erupted like Krakatoa my session made me less like a mutant and more like me.

LGFB receives no government funding. All sessions are run by volunteers from the make-up industry and products are donated from generous member companies such as Chanel, Clinique, bareMinerals and Revlon.

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