Now then you ‘orrible lot. What the hell is occuring?

It’s been a good couple-o months since I got my blog on hasn’t it eh? And wowza what a crazy couple of months it’s been.

Not long after my last post I bounced about in Glasto fields, threw my first official #GIRLvsCANCER fundraiser and a gorgeous little ginger bundle of joy, namely my nephew Gryff Mahon-Phelan, landed into my life with a wallop. As did twenty-one rounds of tit-frying Radiotherapy fractions. Meh.

Before I began radiotherapy I was chill AF about it to be honest. Walk in the park compared to Chemo everyone said but let me tell you it’s more like walking through stinging nettles bare-legged mate. Yes it’s nowhere near as invasive but trust me, it’s taxing. Fatigue takes hold as the itty-bitty bod breaks down free-radicals and wreaks absolute havoc with my mood.

My body had literally nitto left to give and radiotherapy well and truly put the boot in. Exhausted, emotionally raw with what feels like every sodding emotion sat at the surface, I haven’t been in the right headspace to dissect and share something as heart-wrenching as my chemo experience. Until now.