Lauren has never been a big fan of her boobs. If you can even call them that. They’re more of a nod to a boob, a flabby-nipple-type situation, a goodwill gesture. So on the 31st August 2016 when following a biopsy a Dr uttered the words “I’m sorry, it’s not good news, it’s cancer” she was sure they were having a f*cking laugh.

Surely this must be the universe’s idea of a cruel joke. Right? Firstly Lauren was thirty-bloody-one, far too young and full-of-fun to be dealing with this kind of crap, and secondly, how can she have breast cancer when she DOESN’T HAVE ANY B*STARD TITS?!?!

But Lauren did have breast cancer. An aggressive 2.8cm ‘Grade 3’ cancerous lump set up residence in her right chesticle, without consent, and sent her life as she knew it into a tailspin.

Desperate for some reassurance and carcinoma companionship Lauren went looking for like-minded women who had faced the c-bomb for advice and encouragement. Unfortunately she mostly found doomsaying online communities and clinical materials that were aimed at women in a more advanced lifestage. It didn’t speak to her. At all.

Fed up of the perception that cancer is a disease for the over fifties Lauren decided to grab her breast cancer diagnosis by the boobs and began sharing the nuances of her cancer beating crusade on her blog and instagram under the hashtag #GIRLvsCANCER. Lauren’s aim was to share the tales of her treatment in an authentic and accessible way in an attempt to tackle the cancer taboo and create a better understanding of the challenges facing those diagnosed with cancer in their 20’s + 30’s.

Lauren also wanted her miniature space on’t interweb to empower her peers. Encourage them to take responsibility for their bodies. Know them like they know all the lyrics to Drake’s Hotline Bling because by being in tune with yourself you’ll know when something is in need of examining. After all if a fit and feisty Lauren could get cancer, anyone can. Scaremongering in the mainstream media can often mean those displaying symptoms are too terrified to get checked out. Early detection of any cancer saves lives. Fact.

During the last twelve months GIRLvsCANCER has grown from an emotional outlet to an established community supporting those touched by the tumorous little twat, and beyond. Lauren is working hard to change the way people perceive cancer and is opening a dialogue on this sensitive subject.

Welcome to GIRLvsCANCER – a place for fierce women affected by the cretin that is cancer to feel empowered to deal with the sh*t show that a cancer diagnosis means.



Unable to work during her treatment Lauren masterminded the design and distribution of a range of boobie emblazoned slogan t-shirts aka TIT-TEES. Not only as a means of financial survival but also in a bid to raise awareness of the importance of checking your chebs in a stylish sassy way.

25% of GIRLvsCANCER Tit-Tees and ALL money raised from GIRLvsCANCER events and brand collaborations are split equally four ways between GIRLvsCANCER Partner Charities to help to ensure that they are able to continue doing the epic things they do!