GvC x Olympus


Prior to getting bad boob news, Lozza’s trusty Olympus EP-L8 helped her capture everyday content for her #influencerlife social feeds.

A year later, one breast cancer diagnosis down, she began using her Pen to document the day to day realities of living with a lump – in a way no-one had seen before. From chemo cannulas and subcut injections to radiotherapy machines and strands of shedding hair, she used her skills to curate an authentic and aesthetically-pleasing window into her world.

Like the absolute legends they are, Olympus then worked side-by-side with Lauren to create GIRLvsCANCER: THE VISUAL TALE OF A TITTY TUMOUR – a totally gorgeous tome of Lauren’s journey. On top of that, they gave GVC readers a discount code for their Pen products and accessories, with the money saved then going directly to our partner charities.

Check out our history  or download the book  for a look at Lauren’s Olympus snaps.


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