Cancer Campaign

GvC x Grace & Thorn

GRACE & thorn

Lozza’s pal and founder of Grace & Thorn, Nik Southern, opened her greened up gaff in 2011.

Tired of seeing uninspiring rows of houseplants in plastic brown pots next to flowers forced into tight bouquets struggling to breathe, Nik decided to do her own thing and bring out the best in plants, ready for their next home and encourage flowers to dance and sing!

Since then Nik’s philosophy has been simple: help people to see flowers and plants in a different way. A bit like the way we love to tackle cancer taboos innit.

So there was no one better to join forces with for our In Bloom Campaign than the best babes in the floristry game.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2021, Grace&Thorn donated £5 from every bunch of their aptly-named In Bloom bouquets as well as their pukka pots of Pastel Dried Flowers to us here at GIRLvsCANCER.

There was something pretty poetic about people purchasing blossoms to help their favourite cancer charity thrive (that’s us!) so we could continue helping you thrive.

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