Cancer Campaign

GvC X Chiquita


From the toll of treatment to the millions of hospital appointments, is it any surprise that  cancer sends you bananas?

After hearing our Lozza chat about cancer and grey matter, Chiquita wanted to get involved and team up to create a new addition to the Tit-Tee store. Designed by our darling Dom&Ink, it was so a-peel-ing (see what we did there?!) for its cheeky banana illustrations over the wearer’s nips.

Every penny from this design went to our four partner charities at the time. Yep, that’s right. 100%!

Go bananas and buy yours exclusively on the Tit-Tee store.

Behind the collab

It was a super generous donation to our charity chums and allowed them to support the cancer crew like the folk Lozza asked to join us on the collaboration shoot. All women who were sent bananas by cancer – minds peeled open and mushed up. But they came together, looked out for each other proving that cancer’s greatest gift is the community created by those diagnosed.

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