Beware The Grief Grabbers

Here it is.

The message appears in your Instagram inbox, because of course these folk don’t have your number and they haven’t spoken to you in years. It begins with “I’m sorry”, immediately turns into a Question of Cancer and ends with an uplifting tale of a friend who had cancer… and died. Or a shared article about how you can be cured if you’d just exist on turmeric. *rolls eyes*

Pay these stories no mind. This is not your story. It’s poison and has no place here. These people are here for their own benefit.

You may encounter the ‘mates’ that make it all about them, don’t step up like you’d expect them to or that disappear off the face of the planet altogether. This is annoyingly normal for most and part of the cancer process. You deserve better. Let them go. They’re c*nts. Protect your energy kings, queens and regal non-binary beings. You don’t owe anybody anything. Put your oxygen mask on first and all that jazz.

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