This wasn’t your average Tit-Tee shoot team. Not the insta star and cancer crew army filled shots you’re accustomed to. Lozza masterminded a cool af campaign to run side-by-side with the her new World Cancer Day merch: the Super Humans.

Inspired by superhero’s but without the cheesy costumes, this shoot served up some serious editorial moments.

We took the Avengers and made it fasHUN.

To take the concept from Lozza’s head to a fully realised campaign, it takes a village and then some. But luckily we had a few terrific teams and dynamic duos coming together to make it happen. The shoot may have been small, but the creativity was no less mighty.

Our gratitude for this skeleton crew’s hard work can’t be measured.

We couldn’t let all this artistry go by unnoticed. Consider this your access all areas into the mind-palace of a GIRLvsCANCER campaign.

Hold on to your hats!


Lozza had a very clear idea of how she saw her super humans showcased to the world. In her head it was taking the Avengers and turning them Vogue.

Hitting Pinterest like a hurricane Lozza began pulling inspo straight from the pages of your fave fashion mags. The aim was for the campaign to take the cartoon super hero gimmick and hurl it into high-fashion. Taking inspiration from the exaggerated silhouettes of drag queens and strip lighting of underground clubs to give a nod to lightsaber vibes.

Visions of uber cool clobber with accompanied by over-the-top theatrical accessories to bring their powers to life.

No capes here kids. Because not all heroes wear them.

Overall campaign look & feel curated and individual participants mood-boards made the concept was handed to the creative crew. Now it’s not unusual for Lozza’s grand plans for campaign piccies to get a good old reality check. But Lorna Allan‘s artistic eye complimented our founders thoughts perfectly.

The strip lighting idea was cool in theory but in practice – no cigar. Instead Lorna pulled together her own interpretation of Lozza’s vision and came with an incredibly cool coloured backlit beaut of a set design. Pure power.


Joined by her beauty brigade in the form of Frida Gironi and Kelly Dawn, Lisa Potter-Dixon created stunningly unique works of make-up artistry for each of our super humans. Having our awesome foursome serving faces as fabulously individual as they are. With looks as lethal as these, of course your bang average caped-crusader mask was out of the question.

Professional Twinkle Toes, Hatti used make-up to step into characters for the stage. As every stone was placed onto her face, Hatti came closer to completely coming into her superhuman person. Hatti’s eyes were the star of this show. Emblazoned with crystals in a winged shape serving-up some powerful glam that mixed fun and editorial. Instead of drawing on false brows, that space was left free for the crystals, framing Hatti’s beaut baby blues and making them pop! Perfect for a kick-ass dancing queen!

If Della’s make-up brief was given a title, it would be eyes ‘More Gold Than Spandau Ballet’! She was given a striking splash of different metallic golden shades on the lid that came together to look her eyes were embellished with gold leaf. The opulence! Not only did keeping Della’s make-up golden reflect her joyful soul, but it brought out her dewy skin’s radiant rich tones too. Along with her beaming smile, Della’s look manifested how she brings light and warmth to everyday like the rising sun.

Feeling impelled by all the incredible work our NHS is doing right now, our make-up marvels wanted Anisha to feel fully empowered. Creating a bold, blue smokey eye they did just that! Serving up some sexy, androgynous vibes, no one could take their eyes off Anisha’s eyes. Parting them with a neutral lip, made Anisha’s peepers all the more mesmerising. This is one badass doctor we’ve got on call!

Leaning into the editorial clown part of the brief, Lisa thought ‘colour’ and was inspired by rainbows for Karen’s make-up. Our stand-up comic displayed a multi-coloured eye look punctuated with a tear-drop crystal under each eye. Disjointed glitter and pops of metallic added even more charisma and character. The blown-out blending gave a light, airy look that reminded us of a superhero’s cape rippling in the wind mid-flight. Free and wild like the uncontrollable laughter heard during any of Karen’s stand-up routines.


Paola Pinto, the woman who keeps Lozza’s trademark lid in check returned to her rightful place as lead hair stylist for GIRLvsCANCER. This time accompanied by the awesome Tina Farey to create hairstyles portraying our super humans’ personality and power.

Magnifying Della’s glowing vibe, her short pixie haircut was sprayed with golden glitter. It made her feel magical and mirrored her sunny disposition. The flash of the camera reflected off the specks of glitter, looking like golden sunbeams in the photography. Perfect for our Force of Nature.

Think Catwoman for Anisha’s hairstyling. She’s a super-serious professional by day and a sleek, sexy superhuman by night. Tapping into androgyny, Anisha’s hair was slicked back and secured into a tight ponytail. Bringing some practicality by keeping her long locks out of the way so our superhuman can focus on healing people in need! To serve more drama and power, the front of Anisha’s hair was lifted and a hairpiece was used in her ponytail that gave it inches for dayzzz bruv. Ariana Grande could never!

Paola loved envisioning and bringing to life the brief for Karen: a high-fashion clown mixed with Helena Bonham-Carter’s Queen of Hearts. Our hair heroines exaggerated Karen’s gorgeous curls to bring the fantasy to reality with some pin-setting and additional hairpieces. Then lifting the hair away from Karen’s neck, it was sprayed to serve maximum, gravity-defying volume that only a superhuman could handle. Wild hair matching up with the wild laughter at any of her stand-up shows.

For our dancing queen Hatti our hair care crew decided not to get wiggy with it and instead allow old Twinkle Toes to rock the bald as beautifully and boldly as she does on the daily. No pity here just pure fire!


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s the triumphant return of the damn chic styling duo – Alessia Farnessi and Danielle Ward. Now on the GIRLvsCANCER shoot creative roster for the third time running this oh-so-chic pair were a no-brainer for this campaign’s styling needs.

Inspired by Hatti’s pro-dancer background, Alessia and Danielle made her into a badass ballerina. Layering an airy tulle number from Molly Goddard with chunky ankle boots, brought Hatti’s Superhuman persona to life! Allowing her to serve attitude as she power-pirouettes from chemotherapy to surgery and beyond. To put the ‘Twinkle’ into ‘Twinkle Toes’, a beaut bejewelled Escada jacket with a gold-chain link waist belt was added and gave the whole look some extra gilded glints. The final touch completing Hatti’s styling was an Edwina Ibbotson crown, doubling as a throwing star to ward off cancer muggles that doubt her.

Our dynamic duo next turned their attention to our Force Of Nature, Della. Knowing nothing keeps her down, come rain or shine, they discovered an incredible ASOS statement raincoat styled as a dress. In a fabulous fuchsia shade, this piece illuminates Della’s ability to brighten any room even on the gloomiest of days. Finishing with a jaw-dropping floral headpiece from Edwina Ibbotson took Della’s look to the next level. With sprawling vine-like features in a kaleidoscope of colours creating a sunbeam or rainbow effect coming directly from her, Della’s positivity powers can grow and reach across the globe. Styling that spreads all the joy!

For Anisha’s styling, Alessia and Daniella served some “respected doctor by day, kick-ass superhuman by night” realness. For its twist on a traditional doctor’s coat, they were drawn to an oversized The Attico blazer in an electric blue- a nod Anisha’s Healing Hands counterparts, our beloved NHS. Vinyl leggings and gloves didn’t only add an extra edge to this look, but an extra zap of sass too. The material adding some practicality with its wipe-clean nature. Saving lives and healing human can be a messy business! Wearing dazzling diamanté encrusted boots gave Anisha the illusion of levitating, allowing her to zoom between those in need in her community. The doctor will see you now!

Karen’s styling needed to match her show-stopping presence. Starting with a green tie printed Rixo dress, our stylists reflected Karen’s ferocity for life and roaring laughter of audiences. Our wickedly witty stand-up comic isn’t someone to mess with though- take a look at those heavy-duty Dr Martens’! Alessia and Danielle finished Karen’s Lady Laughter persona with an Edwina Ibbotson headdress with fierce feathers that took us back to the 1920s…or are they darts laced with potent potions to use against anyone dishing out cancer crew stereotypes. Timeless showgirl sensation or undercover agent? Either way, Karen served us infectious high-fashion hilarity.


Our It’s The Flash Pack Pals, co-ordinated by Jodie Marie Bass, amassed a collective of creatives that captured our superhumans in all their glory. Their main mission was to take Lozza’s superhero inspiration and make this shoot look like it came from a Paris Fashion House.

The GIRLvsCANCER cause is one that The Flash Pack have a strong connection to; their co-founder, Victoria Benton, was successfully treated for breast cancer in 2013. They recognised that our four superhumans needed to be visually represented as unique and power, without attributing those qualities to cancer or ignoring their individual their experience.

Lozza talked superhero with their team from the start, taking inspiration from the graphic illustration that a designer from The Flash Pack had created for us in 2019. The bold colour palette of the designs and traditional superhero comics was translated onto a vibrant, theatrical set.

Before shoot-day, Lozza gave The Flash Pack a set of profiles about each of our Fantastic Four which they used to develop the artistic direction of the campaign imagery. The mammoth mission of creating it fell to art director, graphic designer and photographer, Lorna Allan. Hired by The Flash Pack and with a sick portfolio, our hopes and standards were high, and Lorna met them all. Just look at those images- they’re fucking fierce! Using a mixture of power stances and poses linked to each unique character, she captures each superhuman’s individual identity and awesome ability while keeping harmony between them.

Setting each girl against a black backdrop allowed their independent characters to stand out and pop punctuating their distinctiveness and personality. They are the stars of this show!

To put the ‘super’ into ‘superhuman’, the studio hired a platform to raise each individual. Combining this with camera angles that give the impression that the viewer is looking up at each person, respect and admiration are implied. Totally fitting for the brief!

Carefully incorporating the primary colours found in the merch designs connected this part of the shoot to the garms but didn’t detract from the superhumans. With Della lighting up the room from the moment she arrives, there weren’t more appropriate colours for her than pink and yellow; they scream luminosity and joy. Calming greens and blues channelled Anisha’s healing powers and the support she gives her patients and anyone seeing her in the campaign. The stand-out blue serving an additional nod of respect to the NHS. The vivid green that Karen wore harks back to nature in the wild, reflecting the freedom of uncontrollable laughter. Electric blue for Hatti added depth to the graceful, directness of her dance moves like bolts of lightning.

Lozza loves a behind the scene moment to capture the emotion, friendship and hard graft of a shoot-day. Photographer Celso Marrero, snapped stealthily around the set undetected like the Invisible man, along with videographer Jordan Temple-Clarke who created a high-impact campaign video packed with beautiful BTS clips.

Debate ensued about the content of the videos we’d release. How would we fit the messages of a multi-dimensional campaign into small clips? How to do it without cancer being the main subject or the cause of their superpower? After tons of back and forth, it was decided that simplicity was key. Keep the focus on the superhuman’s unique power- the thing that makes them, ‘them’.

The Flash Pack provided their creative cajones for this campaign! They called it a “bonafide winner” and we’ve got to agree.

Look at the material, it speaks for itself! Nothing but super. Periodt.

Finally a massive thank you to Itsu for keeping our super team super high energy by providing the gorgeous grub to keep our creative fires fuelled.