Poor handling of the Covid pandemic and the knock-on effects on an already-strained NHS have been devastating for cancer patients.

Screenings suspended, routine scans deferred, and only urgent cases prioritised for intervention.

In July 2020, CRUK estimated that there could as many as 35,000 additional cancer-related deaths owing to a dramatic drop in GP referrals and cancellations of life-saving treatments.

With the cancer community becoming collateral damage of the pandemic, this year’s World Cancer Day holds more merit than ever before.

And bringing the lens back to the 1 in 2 diagnosed with cancer, more important than ever before.

Continuing to serve you cancer in ways you’d least expect, GIRLvsCANCER is back with a high-fashion, high-impact campaign featuring some of  the cancer community as you’ve never seen them before. In all their muthafu*kin glory. No solemn faces in sight.
Just some serious accessories.

Following a diagnosis, cancer patients often become defined as simply that- someone who has/ has had cancer. A hospital number. Statistic. Scar.

GIRLvsCANCER is giving the finger to the yawnfest labels of ‘brave’ or ‘inspirational’ slapped upon the cancer community. Tearing down the stereotypes that forget our wondrous individuality. Putting the person back in the picture, showcasing our models’ superpower aka what makes them, ‘them’. The possibilities are endless – because what makes us ‘us’ is infinite, right?

We’ve grown very tired of the treatment and portrayal of the cancer community. Standing by as brands and big charity use our scars and stories as trauma porn – discarding us when they are done. Exploiting our vulnerabilities until we’re dry. It demeans the human. It snatches chunks from our humanity. It tells the world we are weak, worst-case scenarios.

And mate, we’ve had it. It’s boring.

It’s time we called back our power. Hero the human. Celebrate the wonderful facets that make all of us unique.
The superhuman. Them. Us. You.

No meek smiles or victimisation here, hun.

For this shoot, Lozza kept the art direction super editorial. Our fierce female-identifying models serving power stances in some really fucking chic clobber.

If The Avengers were on the cover of Vogue, this would it.  


In addition to curating a cool-af campaign, Lozza masterminded a four-piece, organic cotton clothing collection in collaboration with It’s The Flash Pack, a London-based creative studio co-founded by Victoria and Tyson Benton. Victoria was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and successfully treated thanks to an early diagnosis and no recurrence since.

Our sick designs feature caped crusaders fluid in gender and ethnicity, representing all cancer patients. Everywhere. Ever. We see you.

Inspired by superhero comic books, these garments were created to take you from Clark Kent to Superman. T’Challa to Black Panther. Diana Prince to WonderWoman.

Think empowerment. Think strength. Think being your kick-ass self!

These VERY limited edition items are available NOW to pre-order from the GIRLvsCANCER store. Better get your skates on sis!


GIRLvsCANCER’s latest campaign has been created in support of new digital charity, Alike

Alike is an exciting new peer-to-peer app developed to combat the isolation faced by young people diagnosed with cancer. The app was created by two times cancer survivor Brad Gudger – and it’s going to change the world. 

20% of all sales from the Super Collection will be donated to Alike to get their app to market faster and allow cancer patients to access to a safe and secure support system in the palm of their hands.


As always the GIRLvsCANCER campaign shoots take a village. We are so incredibly grateful to the gorgeous skeleton crew who made this game-changing shoot a reality. The talent to take the concept and moodboards from IHL (In Head Of Lozza) to IRL (In Real Life) was extraordinary. As were the participants – four fierce female-identifying folk who made most Marvel characters look meek.

Hoping you enjoy the campaign chums. There will be more on the styling and creative crews real soon.


Art Direction: Lauren Mahon
A Collaboration With: It’s The Flash Pack
Photography: Lorna Allan & Celso Marrero
Videography: Jordan Clarke 
Make-Up: Lisa Potter-Dixon
Hair: Paola Sofia Pinto + Tina Farey
Styling: Alessia Farnessi + Danielle Ward