Taking Bowel cancer awareness from drab to fab is no mean feat. Add on another lockdown and a three week turnaround time frame, it’s fair to say we couldn’t have done it without our mates.

With some serious styling, magical make-up and high-class hair, Time To Chat Shit turned the lens on the women. In true GIRLvsCANCER fashion, you saw each of our Bowel Babes as the beautiful beings they are, not only Bowel cancer patients.

Poo emojis and diet-shaming? Not in this bathroom!

Bringing you the coolest gals in the club and Bowel cancer awareness you will never forget.

This is Bowel cancer as you’ve never seen it before & these are the teams made it happen.


Lozza’s vision for this shoot came from one thing that we’ve missed over this last year: a girls night out on the town!

Imagine it. You’re at the hottest bar in town, drink in hand and looking like a million quid. A song comes on that ain’t your tune so it’s time to head to the loo to touch up your lipstick. You walk in and are mesmerised by five fierce women.

But these gals are from the GIRLvsCANCER fam so they ain’t just sharing gladrag details or gossiping about guys, they’re dancing around their stoma bags and, quite literally, chatting shit.

Lozza tracked down the most modern and luxurious loos in London to host our Colon Collective. She pictured some G.N.O Glam realness with a serving of Bowel Cancer Awareness. Think sleek suits, sequin dresses and checking ya stools.

Time To Chat Shit was shot on-location at the iconic Mama Shelter, London. An iconic urban refuge sat in the hipster heart of East London at the cross section of Bethnal Green, Hackney and Shoreditch.

Taking inspiration from its seriously cool surroundings, Mama Shelter is an interior design dream! The perfect cocktail of cutting edge elements, fashion-forward touches and cosy furnishings. Mama’s place is what we wish out gaffs looked like from the lipstick carpet to the art on the ceilings.


Putting the power in empower was Lauretta Power, leading our make-up artistry team. Working alongside Alyssia Rose and Lauren Hogsden, this trio was a hit among the gals in the stalls.

To capture the Bowel Babes in their GIVEASHIT garms, Lozza wanted everyone in ‘going out but not out out’ make-up. Fresh-faced with slightly smoky eyes and bold lips. There was no other lip colour of choice than Lozza’s own signature red! The colour popped against the monochromatic tees perfectly. Ask anyone who rocks it- red is an empowering, confident force that speaks volumes. And when it comes to chatting shit, we’re turning the volume up all the way.

And for our cool campaign shots, their looks were amped up to the max. Boozy brunch lasted all day and now it’s time to hit the hottest bar in town. Those smokey eyes were blown out, making their lip colour even more striking and skin even more radiant. These are looks that can worn all night!

Gloss was added to Nat’s red lip that was over-lined by a smidge and Monique swapped her’s for a bold fuchsia that to serve a youthful glam that paired perfectly with their sequinned dresses. Deb, Soph and Nav all had black liner added to their eyes to serve more drama and intensity taking their make-up from day to night.

With inspiration pulled from sultry grunge chic of 90s supermodels and the cool vibes of smokey nightclubs, their glam had a depth that perfectly aligned with our mission to push people to chat shit.


Is it even a GIRLvsCANCER shoot without Paolo Pinto heading the hair styling team?! Accompanied by Hayley McKee, you wouldn’t have known the hairdressers had been shut for months after they were done with our gals’ barnets.

We kept the kept things simple for the collection pictures to keep the focus on the pieces.

For the greatest girls’ night out it was all about volume, texture and curls.

Sophie’s own naturally curly hair were the muse for her styling. It was tonged to created larger curls bringing even more class, glamour and sophistication to the suit she wore for her campaign look. Together they oozed power! This is Sophie’s bar, we’re just guests.

Paola and Hayley were inspired by her innate glamour and actress roots for Debra’s do. Our hairstylists played with two styles before making their final choice together. Debra’s hair was tonged and pinned up high on top of her head. This kept her terrific texture and made for a real glitzy look along with her gold. sequin dress.

Nat’s hair had reached that awkward firs re-growth stage on shoot day which left without much confidence. With her charm and expertise, Paola convinced Nat to put her trust her. Trimming the back of Nat’s hair gave a brilliant base to style for her campaign look. Our gal’s new tresses had a dollop of product added and the fringe quiffed back for a modern, powerful moment juxtaposing with the flow of her floor-length gown.

Being back on chemo, our Monique lost a fair bit of hair. She and our hair gals experimented with beautiful silk scarves tied in different styles for her product look. It was a GIRLvsCANCER first for Monique’s campaign hair-styling: a wig! Monique brought her long candy-pink wig along that was parted in the side with one tucked behind her ear for some playful girly vibes. Some of Monique’s shorter hair was exposed but it resembled an undercut. It looked sick, edgy and brought out her youthful energy.

Not only does Nav have the longest legs we’ve ever laid eyes on, but her hair is also lusciously long. Nav’s gorge locks were left down to show off it’s healthy condition and waves were added to serve more texture. The sides were pinned up to bring her hair away from her face to show off those killer cheek bones and bring a feminine twist to her masculine blazer dress.

The OG Bowel Babe, Deborah likes her hair off of her face, and with a face like her’s we don’t blame her- such a beaut! Paola and Hayley decided to go with a half up, half down hair do with a large and in charge quiff. The power of it!

Being Lozza’s own personal hairstylist, Paola knows her barnet better than anyone else. It’s very much part of our gal’s signature style. Graduating and short at the back to add body with a fringe just above eye level to frame her petite face, Lozza’s hair is an updated cross between a 60’s page boy and Twiggy hairstyle.


There ain’t no poo-pooing their styling skills! For this campaign we were joined by Alessia Farnessi (fourth time on the trot styling our shoot FYI) and her mumma Myra Williams to handle all our fashion needs.

To shoot the GIVEASHIT Tees, Lozza wanted everyone to be rocking every gal’s go-to style when you ain’t got a clue what to wear:  jeans and a nice top vibes. It’s sexy, yet casual- just the ticket to showcase the tee’s cool minimalist design and their life-saving message.

There was nothing casual about Lozza’s styling notes for the campaign imagery. It was Alessia and Myra’s mission to bring the much-needed glam to Bowel cancer awareness. We’re talking power suits, heels higher than heaven and sequins for days.

Alessia and Myra took this and ran with it! Their styling centred around the power of a fab outfit. That feeling you get when you’ve got ready for a night on the tiles, catch yourself in the mirror before you leave the house and know you are 100% that bitch. Because the best girls’ nights out are the ones when you look and feel your best.

Our mum & daughter duo created two ‘outfit characters for our models to gravitate towards- ’sharp sartorial’ and ‘glitter glamour’. Complimentary to each other but stand strong in their own right too, just like the best girl gang.

Lozza, Soph and Nav felt the ‘sharp sartorial’ edge calling their names. Both going for black clothing punctuated with bold stilettos, we served us class and sass- Soph in a sleek Zara suit and sky high Aquazzura heels, and Nav donning a David Koma blazer dress with Jimmy Choo heels. And Lozza’s emerald green Zara two-piece was given grit with some fishnets was a huge hit on set.

Nat, Debra, Monique & Deb’s heads were turned by ‘glitter glamour’. Flash lights bounced off the sequins on their dresses bringing some extra sparkle to their already-dazzling characters. Nat and Debra both went for elegant full length gowns; both from MyWardrobeUK HQ with Nat’s by Mary Katranzou and Debra’s by Temperly. Monique and Deb were pulled in by dresses that put some leg on show. Debs’ dress came from MyWardrobeUK HQ and Monqiue’s rainbow sequin eleganza created by The Attico. Proof that cancer doesn’t mean you can’t get ya pins out!

For our GIVEASHIT socks, Lozza envisioned nothing but glam too. Pairing sports socks with chic heels from Aquazzura gave these shots an editorial edge never seen before to showcase socks. But what else would expect from Lozza’s mind and GIRLvsCANCER?

Special shout-outs to Monique and Nav for being our leg models.

Muchos thanks to MyWardrobeUK HQ and Aquazzura for letting us borrow from you and bring some fasHUN to Bowel cancer awareness.


Back behind the lens we had the sensational Holly McGlynn. Becoming a mumma has kept her busy but she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get chatting shit on people’s radars.

As always, Lozza was clear as day in communicating her vision- something she’s super savvy at doing. Holly wanted the shoot to serve high octane glamour to the masses and for that she’d need to use hella fucking flash. Luckily for us that’s her forte!

While giving Mama Shelter’s lavs the once over with Lozza, Holly immediately knew that flash would beautifully bounce around the white tiles adorning the bathroom walls and floor. Come through interior design!

Lozza loved it and had the brilliant idea of using disco balls in the loo stalls to add more layers to the ‘gals hanging out in the loo on a night out’ energy we wanted to capture. Plus disco balls are another object for the flash to reflect- GENIUS!

Ever the perfectionist, Lozza sent Holly some reference images which sparked even more lightbulb moments in her bonce. Our Holly drew inspiration from photographer Claire Rothsein who uses her work to celebrate women’s glamour and power (basically us but without cancer innit!). And that’s the exact energy our photography-whizz wanted to encapsulate.

Holly connected with all the Bowel Babes like they were long-time BFFs. It’s mega important to us; not all our models have done anything like a GIRLvsCANCER shoot before so we want them to feel at home in our fam. Being a perfect professional and experienced on our sets, Holly already was already in the know and aware of how tough it could be create a connection when your mug is obscured and voice muffled by a mask. But that didn’t deter her or any of the gals! They. Brought. IT. And had no issues throwing around toilet paper or serving their lewks like Naomi Campbell.

What can we say, there ain’t no crew like the GIRLvsCANCER collective!

A huge shout-out to Holly’s amazing assistant, Conor! Whether you’re using your keen eye to make sure we’ve got the money shot or taking the piss out of Holly, we bloody love you and so grateful to have you on our team.

Lozza loves a behind the scene moment capturing the feels, friendship and hard graft of a day on set. Photographer Kaye Ford, snapped these special scenes, along with videographer Ben Lister who created our high-quality, high-impact campaign videos packed with beautiful BTS clips.

You’d have to be made of stone if you wasn’t moved to check your poo and chatting shit.

Finally a massive thank you to Itsu for keeping our squad in the stalls’ bellies full by providing the gorgeous grub to keep our creative fires fuelled.