When I launched my first range of Tit-Tees my intention was to spread as much awareness on the importance of nabbing at your norks as I could.

I soon began to think it’s all well and good going full pelt with Breast Cancer prevention but what about the women already affected? Those who have had their mammaries ravaged and mauled due to some measly mutated cells that decided to show up uninvited?

Designed in collaboration with man like Dom & Ink – OBVS – the ‘Have Heart’ Collection is made with my fellow Breast Cancer baes in mind. Now my Breast Cancer crew can represent the boobie that was kiboshed by cancer by adorning their areoli with a lickle love heart.

Whether it be your left, right or both of your titties that endured the trauma these new designs are a tribute to loving the new skin we are in. Because whether you believe it or not – it’s even more beautiful for having being broken.

And what if you’re fortunate enough to not have faced the cretin that is cancer?

Well you could wear one to support a loved ones shitty titty sitch. Or perhaps just because you really fackin’ like love hearts innit. It is almost Valentine’s Day after all.

Don’t worry if you’re not feeling the love (who the hell even are you people?) due to popular demand I’ve gone and restocked pretty much all GIRLvsCANCER Tit-Tee styles too. Because you’re blates going to bag yourself a boyfriend on the 14th Feb by drawing attention to your Fun Bags.

As per 25% of all Tit-Tee sales will be divided equally and proudly donated to GIRLvsCANCER’s Partner Charities.

Unlike my previous GIRLvsCANCER Campaigns which were shot on a whole load of my top tier influencer huns it felt only right to display this extra spesh collection of Tit-Tees on a bunch of extra spesh ladies.

A couple of weeks back brain cancer battler Tessa Jowell took centre stage at the House Of Lords and laid bare the requirements and concerns of cancer patients in this country. She referenced the sense of community that often develops following diagnosis. How we find each other. Support each other. Creating a ‘Community of Love’.

And she ain’t wrong.

From the second I began spouting off about my run in with this diabolical disease I was met with an army of bad-ass birds who too had, or still were, dealing with the shit show a cancer diagnosis means. In an instant I was no longer alone. Because of what we’ve been through we all got ‘it’. We got each other in a way nobody else really could. And it’s these outstanding specimens of women that I attribute my defiant attitude to.

Shot yet again by shutterbug sorceress Alex Cameron the ‘Have Heart’ Collection is modelled by a small mob of fierce females who I’m truly honoured to have in my life – even if it was cancer that carried them there in the first place.

If I’d have had my wicked way there’d be at least another thirty of my breast cancer brigade showing out in this shoot but alas time and location were not on my side.

To anyone who has ever taken the time to show us kindness, to reach out and offer an encouraging word or practical piece of advice – thank you. I’m indescribably grateful for my online crew and beyond blessed to now call so many of you babes friends. This collection is dedicated to my gyal dem. To all women past, present and future who face down breast cancer with ferocity, humour and a red lipped fuck you.

Together we are stronger. Never alone.

G I R L v s C A N C E R   C R E W

Campaign Photography by Alexandra Cameron
Behind The Scenes Photography by Amber Rose Smith
Make-Up by Amanda Bell + Pixi Beauty
T-Shirts by GIRLvsCANCER
Catering by Pod + Gail’s Bakery

Laura Bailey. Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Mother Of Three.

Fellow Fulhamite Laura and I were put in touch through a mutual friend shortly after her shitty titty diagnosis. Within approx 30 seconds she’d dropped the c-bomb twice and I knew I’d found a kindred.

A common misconception of breast cancer is that it’s a lump you’re looking for – Laura’s rare form showed itself as pitted (orange peel) skin and a swelling. At 36 Mrs Bailey had stage 3 Inflammatory Breast Cancer, three children, eight chemotherapy and sixteen rounds of radiotherapy to contend with.

Laura says it exactly how it is. Straight to the point. No sugar coating in sight. She shares the realities of being a mother in cancer treatment with side-splitting humour and gut-loads of grace over on her Instagram.

I urge you to hop onto her stories ASAP. Although maybe with headphones in. My girl swears like a sailor and you might not want to upset the old bloke on the bus.

Find Laura Below:

Alice-May Purkiss. Triple Negative Breast Cancer. CoppaFeel! Trustee.

Northerner Alice was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the age of just 26. She decided to bravely blog about her experience to raise awareness of breast cancer in younger women and works proudly in her position as a CoppaFeel! Trustee to get as many ladies as possible to #CheckYourChebs.

Alice reached out to me on the day I began sharing my boob situation on social media offering an abundance of support and sisterhood. She’s my cancer wing woman. My boob guardian babe. And an absolute f*cking legend.

Eight surgeries and two years since her last chemo Alice is in the process of writing a witty book about what it’s like being diagnosed with cancer when you’re battling depression – the cleverly named: Life, Melons and Lemons – A Memoir. Watch this space!

Find Alice Here:

Saskia Lichtenstern. Hormone Positive Breast Cancer. Spiritual Sasspot.

I was introduced to Saskia via one of my charity partners Future Dreams who thought we’d get on like a house on fire. Well it was more like a multistory building ablaze. Both on the same spiritual wavelength post-cancer and our outlook is scarily similar. Cancer takes so much but what it does give you is clarity. And we both agreed that’s a bloody big blessing.

Pure-of-heart vixen Saskia opted for heart tattoo in place of the nipple missing from her mastectomy’d breast. A fitting tribute to loving the new skin she was in. She also courageously posed topless to talk intimacy, honesty, vulnerability and growth for Future Dreams magazine last year.

Saskia creates one-of-a-kind customised Converse to order at her online store and is also in the midst of masterminding an incredible concept for a collaborative book to support Breast Cancer survivors in the emotional aftermath of treatment.

Find Saskia Here:

Clover Lewis. Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Mastectomy Swimwear Siren.

I discovered Clover via the crew at Breast Cancer Care and immediately found her positive ‘can-do’ spirit infectious. Following her own diagnosis Clover identified a massive gap in the market for elegantly stylish yet comfortable post-surgery swimwear. And thus Clover Lewis Swimwear was born.

Now eight years clear (hooray) Clover is providing much needed confidence to women worldwide on the daily who desperately yearn to feel babin’ on the beach following a mastectomy.

Clover’s gorgeous swimwear has graced the pages of Women + Home, Huffington Post and Vogue to name a few.

“Breast cancer is my worst personal tragedy – yet inspired me to do more, see more, create more and live more.”

Find Clover Here:

Laura Martin. Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Fashun + Free Spirit.

What to say about Ms Martin eh? Acquainted by a mutual PR pal we arranged to meet out the front of a central London Zara store and within half hour I was on the best damsel date I’d had in my life.

Laura was three months ahead of me in treatment and astounded me with the way she was able to still function at full speed. Firing on all cylinders at work, wowing me with her exceptional sense of style (nobody rocks a skinny jean like she) and taking the shit show that is treatment in her stride.

Professional stylist by day I’m sure by night my lovely Laura is an angel. Spiritual AF without being, you know – odd, and full-to-the-brim with bants nothing cures my cancer comedowns like LOLing with this one over our latest Tinder fails. Love you mate.

Hop onto Laura’s Insta for instant style inspo and severe aesthetic envy.

Find Laura Here: