Don’t know about you lot but I’m bored shitless with Black-bloody-Friday.

I have been for the past couple of years to be fair. Something about this desperate sell sell sell attitude from companies across the board does my head in. Perhaps it’s because of what I’ve been through but ‘things’ just don’t matter to me as much. Granted it’s great for getting Christmas prezzies sorted – guilty as charged – but it’s the senseless swiping of a credit card on below average items simply because it’s got a couple of quid knocked off that I find rank.

So Pai Skincare and I are coming at it on a commerce with a conscience vibe. With thousands of cancer patients coming to Pai for organic skincare that is kind to skin ravaged by chemo it felt totes natural to join forces and spread the good feels during the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

From right now until Monday you’ll save 25% OFF the entire Pai Skincare range with the code: BLACKPAIDAY, but that’s not the best bit, oh no. £1 or $1 or €1 of EVERY SINGLE ITEM SOLD will be donated to GIRLvsCANCER and split between our four incredible Partner Charities as per.

What a time to be alive eh?

I’m proud as punch of this Black Friday Pai-Day partnership and urge you to get some put your pound where your philanthropy is, plus get gorge skin whilst you’re at it.

I can confirm that the Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil is God’s work.

Just sayin.

Are you as excited about this collaboration as I am? Good. Can’t say a big enough thank you to the crew at Pai Skincare for such a generous offer over Black Friday weekend. Your support means more than muchos to moi.

You can purchase the entire Pai Skincare range at the links below.

You and your face can thank me later.