We may not have manufactured new merch but the latest GIRLvsCANCER Feeling Myself Campaign ain’t just serving body image bants and sexual intimacy insights. Oh no.

Using our P’s and Q’s we bagged you lot some super sexy and exclusive deals with some beautiful brands to have you feeling yourselves – from top to toe.

From May 10th 2021 to May 31st 2021 we’re giving it to you in the form of delectable discount codes and BBE (big bundle energy) to stimulate smiles you won’t be able to fake. Many of these reductions and commodities will climax with a donation, to us, here at GIRLvsCANCER. Allowing us to invest back into the cancer community and make this an inviting environment that will keep you coming back for more.

What are you waiting for? Go down on… this page… to see what tickles you.


Mates of our Lozza, Smile Makers are a sexual wellness brand for people with vulvas that is on a mission to normalise the perception of vulva sexuality and bring chatter about sexual pleasure out into the open. Exactly where it should be!

Smile Makers have put their body-safe vibrators (coming in delicious colours) and lubricants, all designed for the pleasure anatomy of people with vulva’s, on the shelves of mainstream retailers in an unapologetically joyful way. Their widely adored ‘Vulva Talks is a free pleasure-positive sex education programme based upon their own community’s questions and answered by sexperts.

Like us, tearing down taboos and smashing stigma is central to Smile Makers’ identity. They want to help people with vulvas discover themselves and their sexual pleasure. Sex, whether its solo or partnered, is a fucking powerful and beautiful thing that should make us feel good! Smile Makers want their products and hat destroying shame will allow vulva owners to realise just how important pleasure is to their well-being. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally.

Smile Makers are changing the sexual wellness game through their championing of pleasure positivity for vulva owners everywhere.

Smile Makers have given us exclusivity to sell their ‘The Millionaire’ and ‘The Tennis Coach’ vibrators with 25% off the usual price on our website. Buy as part of a bundle with a lush lube from YES Organics only on the GIRLvsCANCER website.

Neither brand is taking a single penny from those sales, instead donating it all back to us!

Already hugely popular in the cancer community, The YES YES Company are passionate about intimate health, serious about sexual pleasure and have been making vaginas happy since 2003.

Founded by Sarah Brooks and Susi Lennox, YES® products were developed for people with vaginas after the release of viagra led to a need for product that was respectful to their bodies and made sex more comfortable for them. The YES YES Company’s range of lubricants, vaginal moisturisers and intimate washes are hypoallergenic and certified organic by the Soil Association, made from ethically sourced plant-based ingredients free from parabens, glycerine or hormones. Serving the most natural-feeling lubrication possible, YES® products are ideal for relieving vaginal dryness and enhancing sensitivity during solo or partnered play. Yeh mate, pleasure without the environmental compromise is actually possible!

YES® products give you the high quality, reliable experience that you truly deserve. Many of their side-effect free products are registered medical devices meeting UK, EU and FDA requirements. Using YES® takes safe sex to a whole new level!

Bridging the gap for intimacy products that are to the body and the planet,The YES YES Company are revolutionary leaders in ethical intimacy- disrupting the sexual wellness market and changing the world from the inside.

The YES YES Company has donated 100 of their YES WB water-based and YES OB plant-oil based lubricants that will be thrown into a bundle with a discounted Smile Makers toy. They’re donating all the coin raised through these sales back to us so we can carry on investing in the you, the cancer crew.

Available only on the GIRLvsCANCER website.


The youngest in our band of brand buds, LoveRose Lingerie are a post-surgery underwear brand dripping in luxury.

Co-Founders Caroline and Sarah joined forces after the death of Caroline’s sister & brand name inspiration, Rose, to inject some colour into the post-surgery undies market. Caroline noticed just how beige it is after undergoing a double mastectomy with reconstruction.

This brand offers a range of silky pocketed and non-pocketed bras, briefs, robes and even ultra-sexy suspenders. But sales ain’t enough for the loves at LoveRose Lingerie! They are growing a community and offering support, advice and resources through their social media platforms, and even host weekly talks! What babes!

LoveRose Lingerie’s mission is simple yet powerful! They want you to heal knowing that post-surgery doesn’t mean post-sexy- and we’re so here for it!

LoveRose Lingerie are giving the GIRLvsCANCER crew 20% off across their site which will be donated right back to us and you! Just use code GIRLVSCANCER20 at their checkout.

After having her large bowel removed to treat Ulcerative Colitis, Nicola Dames was left with a stoma along with a serious dent in her femininity, body image and self-esteem. It wasn’t the bag, it was the underwear! Using her background know-how in nursing and fashion, she became the solution (not only for herself but for countless others too) and founded Vanilla Blush.

Vanilla Blush creates both medical device garms (available on our cracking NHS) and chic underwear designed specifically for people who have had surgery to the abdomen. Whether you’ve had a stoma created or developed a hernia post-surgery, they’ve got your back (and your bum).

Since launching in 2008 live on ITV’s ‘This Morning’, Vanilla Blush has evolved- attracting customers from across the globe showing the universality of self-confidence. Not only do they grab media attention for having an incredible origin story, but as a hugely successful female-founded business. Something we know a few things about too.

If you want undies that are stoma-safe and stylish? Vanilla Blush is the one, baby!

Our new mates at Vanilla Blush have gifted the GIRLvsCANCER collective with a sitewide 20% discount using code GIRLVSCANCER20 at their checkout.

Eleanor Howie gets how shit it is to have to chuck all your undies while unable to find replacements that are a little less nun and little more young. At 24 she had a preventative mastectomy to squash the odds of her developing breast cancer after learning she was a carrier of the BRCA1 gene mutation. It was that spurred her on to create Valiant Lingerie.

All of Valiant Lingerie’s products are the brainchild of someone who gets it- the annoyance and disappointment of being young and unable to mastectomy undies that don’t look like something your Nan would wear.

From day one, Valiant Lingerie has been passionate about creating designs that while being comfortable for a post-surgery form and sensitive to its needs, also help you to look and feel absolutely fabulous darling.

Valiant Lingerie have given the boot boring, uncomfortable post-surgery undies designing sets that are bright, classy and empowering. That’s 100% our jam!

The dolls at Valiant Lingerie are offering the GIRLvsCANCER community a site-wide 20% discount with the code GIRLVSCANCER20. Just put it in at their checkout.

Founded by Abbie Miranda and Mazie Fisher, Beija London is an independent lingerie and swimwear brand with sick designs for everyone, everyday no matter your cup size.

Their use of the same fabric across ranges and tailoring of designs to suit your individual shape means their creations are the perfect marriage of style and fit. Sister-duo Abbie and Mazie created three unique sizing categories, X, Y and Z™, for their collection of undies to ensure that you never have to compromise on style for some much-needed practicality.

Coming from a family in the lingerie manufacturing game, the Beija babes have a long history in the wonderful world of bras. As teens they felt lost in a world of Victoria Secret models and wondering why they didn’t look like the VS Angels. Not wanting the same for their future daughters, Abbie and Mazie set out on a mission to create contemporary, chic products that gave women more choice in lingerie departments that didn’t feel intimidating. Underwear that women want to wear made by women with a disregard for the male gaze.

Beija London are offering our fam a 15% sitewide discount! Use code GIRLVSCANCER15 at their checkout.


If you’ve been around these parts since the beginning, you’ve definitely seen Pai Skincare pop up a fair few times on the GIRLvsCANCER instagram and Lozza’s squares too. Since they sent our gal a care package of free goodies, we’ve been brand besties with Pai continuing to support our mission.

Pai Skincare, founded by Sarah Brown, is for anyone who wants to treat their skin with the best natural ingredients without compromise to quality, safety or ethics. Super sensitive skin? They’ve got you covered! In the middle of chemotherapy? No problem, hun! Only buy vegan and cruelty-free skincare? Pai are all of that and more! We told ya- no compromise!

Every product is independently tested to ensure they are pukka for sensitive and eczema-prone skin too. By selling sustainable products with natural and organic certifications by COSMOS, and accreditations from the Vegan Society and Cruelty-Free International, Pai Skincare has goodness built into their foundation.

Pai Skincare are all about doing right by you and your skin

Pai Skincare donating £1 for every product purchased on their website to GIRLvsCANCER until May 31st 2021 and are gifting you lovely lot with 15% off across their online store with the code GIRLVSCANCER15.



20% OFF at LoveRose Lingerie 
with the 20% donated back to us at GIRLvsCANCER.

20% OFF at Vanilla Blush

20% OFF at Valiant Lingerie

Enter the code GIRLVSCANCER20 at their checkouts to receive 20% OFF.


15% OFF at Pai Skincare 
with £1 of every product purchased donated to GIRLvsCANCER

15% OFF at Beija London

Enter the code GIRLVSCANCER15 at their checkouts to receive 15% OFF.