Almost immediately after diagnosis my front room began to resemble a florist. Bunches of blooms kept a-coming on a weekly basis, I even took a lickle flower arranging sesh to ensure my florals were on fleek.

Most of the bouquets in question that landed through my letterbox were from the botanical baes Bloom&Wild. So obviously when they reached out to collab and put some flower power behind the fight against breast cancer I did a running jump at the opportunity.

From the 16th to the 22nd of October aka Breast Cancer Awareness Month you’ll be able to order ‘The Lolli’ – a very special bouquet named after yours truly. Awash with unusual stems in interesting shapes and colours Bloom&Wild wanted to create a bunch that is bold, strong and beautiful – like me appaz – how bloody lovely is that eh?

Crimson carnations to symbolise love and calla lilies as a signifier of faithfulness are set against the quirkiness of the fuzzy kangaroo paw and elegance of the classic rose. For me this set of fabulous stems is a representation of the unpredictability of a cancer diagnosis and the humbling appreciation of how beaut life is despite it all.

Whether a treat for yourself or as a gift for a loved one if you purchase ‘The Lolli’ petals before midnight on the 22nd October 10% sales will be donated to GIRLvsCANCER’s Partner Charities.

And that’s bloomin’ marvellous ain’t it.

Many thanks to the massive at Bloom&Wild for my magnificent namesake bouquet ‘The Lolli’ and supporting GIRLvsCANCER.