So this is Christmas. Sleigh bells ring, halls are decked and cancer’s are diagnosed. That’s right crew dem chemo doesn’t care if it’s the festive season or that you’ve plans to be merry and bright it’s got a job to do. And trust me when it falls during the festive period it really gets on your tits.

I wanted to spread some Christmas cheer in true GIRLvsCANCER styleee and what better way than popping a couple of puds on your areolas eh?

Illustrated by my main man Dom of Dom & Ink don the latest Tit-Tee design to remind yourself and others, that no matter the shape and size, knowing what’s normal for your baubles is the best way to save your life.

It saved mine.

As per my previous GIRLvsCANCER Campaign Shoot when I called on my internet elves they came a-running – this time in rudolf antlers and ruby red lips. Caroline Hirons, Callie Thorpe and the cuties from We Are Twinset pointed at their norks and larked about in front of the lens to spread boob groping awareness galore! Utter legends the lot of them.

Without getting too deep I didn’t really get a Christmas last year. No matter how hard I tried to get festive AF the loss of my tastebuds made the foods taste ranker than rank and chemo comedown forced me to bed for the best part of the day. I felt like I had cancer last Christmas. And I fought thoughts that I might not make it to another one.

No wonder then that the Christmas Puds Tit-Tee shoot was a totes emosh one innit. I’m sure I even witnessed a well up from hard-as-nails Hirons at one point. It’s just that I’m in a constant state of gratitude that these incredible women have placed themselves at my side, offering up an abundance of support without hesitation. Whether it’s Alex capturing the magic on camera, Pixi Beauty preening the team to perfection or Amber making everyone a brew it all means the world to this little soul.


You can get your mitts on my Christmas Tits right now. OBVS you’ll need one for your office party. Or tucked into jeans whilst carving the turkey. But you’d better be quick if you want to jiggle your festive jubblies as stocks are limited and selling faster than a one horse open sleigh.

As I was such a poorly sick person last year I have decided to down GIRLvsCANCER tools for some well-deserved eggnog and chill. Or should that be mulled-wine and recline? Anyway – I’m taking a bloody break to soak in every single second of the most wonderful time of the year.

And then some.

GIRLvsCANCER Shop will be shut from 20th December 2017 and will re-open early February 2018 allowing me some time to properly recuperate after the most challenging time of my young life. Fuck me do I need it.

As rewarding as GIRLvsCANCER continues to be, juggling my bae between part-time work and treatment has been hella draining and truth be told, I’m running dangerously close to burn out.

So I’m using January 2018 as self-care central and zoning out for a few blissful weeks to get my mind, body and soul in seriously tip-top condish.

For those wanting their Tit-Tee to arrive in time for Christmas please place your order no later than 8th December for International Delivery and 14th December for UK Delivery.

All orders placed after these dates will be posted by 20th December but will not be guaranteed to arrive for the big day.

Now we’ve got all of that out the way make like me and go grab your loved ones and maul some mince pies. Wearing a Christmas Puds Tit-Tee of course.


G I R L v s C A N C E R   C R E W

Campaign Photography by Alexandra Cameron
Behind The Scenes Photography by Amber Rose Smith
Make-Up by Amanda Bell + Pixi Beauty
T-Shirts by GIRLvsCANCER