Come on in. Take a (loo) seat. And meet Bowel Cancer UK.

Our latest campaign, Time To Chat Shit, was created in support of the brilliant Bowel Cancer UK. Because let’s face it, who better to chat with this Bowel Cancer Awareness Month?

Starting life in 1987, the charity was founded by Patrick Dolan following his wife’s death from bowel cancer, and out of  frustrations over the lack of treatment options available. Since then, Bowel Cancer UK has become Britain’s leading bowel cancer charity.

And it’s no surprise gang. They do it all! From research and awareness to support and education. When it comes to bowel cancer, they’ve got our collective backs.

Including our darling Deborah James aka BowelBabe who was proudly appointed as Patron for the charity earlier this year – get it gurl!

Deb is kicking off her role as Patron with Bowel Cancer UK‘s latest fundraising challenge – Step Up For 30. Their YouGov survey of 4,000 adults – commissioned in Feb 2021 – revealed 40% of people are unaware that regular exercise can reduce the risk of bowel cancer – the UK’s second biggest cancer killer.

Deborah says: “I’m really honoured and proud to be named Patron of Bowel Cancer UK. It’s a charity very close to my heart which has supported me since I was diagnosed over four years ago. Right now, bowel cancer is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer, and quite simply I want us to get to a place where nobody dies of the disease. I will do everything I can as a Patron to help make this a reality.”

Their ‘Never Too Young’ campaign was the first to champion the voices of young bowel cancer patients. Gaps in care were identified, policy was changed and awareness about the risk of the disease in people under 50 was raised! Bowel Cancer UK are truly leading the charge for change.

Bowel Cancer UK’s online forums allow people affected by the disease to share their expertise, providing vital peer-to-peer support. They’ve published loads of info about living with and beyond bowel cancer that have been highly commended at the BMA Patient Information Awards and earned them Information Standard accreditation.

Basically, they know exactly what they’re talking about babe!

Bowel Cancer UK‘s tireless work has successfully lowered the age for bowel cancer screening from 60 to 50 years old and had it committed to the English NHS Long Term Plan. With 4500 people diagnosed between the ages of 50 and 59 – this will help to save tons of lives.

A big old part of Bowel Cancer UK is funding research that puts people affected by bowel cancer first, recognising that they are experts too. In 2019, Bowel Cancer UK invested a grand total of £1.3million into research with £500,000 for early detection and treatment.

And if that ain’t enough for Bowel Cancer UK; they’re currently funding research into increasing screening uptake in South Asian populations, the influence of gut environment in patients under 50 and reducing rates of ‘undetected’ bowel cancers.

With Bowel Cancer UK giving it the graft. Spreading awareness across the UK and pouring money into life-saving research. It’s no wonder that survival rates for bowel cancer have doubled over the last 40 years.

Round of a-bloody-pplause!

Genevieve Edwards, Chief Executive at Bowel Cancer UK, says:

“We’re incredibly grateful to our Patron Deborah James, Lauren Mahon and the GIRLvsCANCER campaign for supporting our charity through the Time to Chat Shit campaign. We are in no doubt that it will help to raise important awareness and funds for Bowel Cancer UK.

“Although it’s more common in the over 50s, bowel cancer affects people of all ages, with more than 2,500 under 50s diagnosed in the UK each year, and this has sadly been steadily increasing. Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK, with someone diagnosed with the disease every 15 minutes. It’s also the UK’s second biggest cancer killer.

“We urge everyone, no matter what their age, to familiarise themselves with the symptoms of bowel cancer and contact their GP as soon as possible if they have any signs, including bleeding from their bottom, blood in their poo, a persistent and unexplained change in bowel habit, unexplained weight loss, extreme tiredness for no obvious reason, and a pain or lump in their tummy. This will help ensure the best possible chance of an early diagnosis, when the disease is easier to treat.”

GIRLvsCANCER is proud to donate 20% of all profits from the GIVEASHIT Collection to Bowel Cancer UK to help them to bring their vision – of a world where no one dies of Bowel Cancer – to reality.