Feeling alone is part and parcel of a cancer diagnosis for young people.

You can’t relate to the other people in the waiting room; they’re all double your age (at least). You can’t relate to your mates! While they’re moaning about their last haircut, you’re trying to decide what wig best suits your newly formed steroid-chin.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

83% of young people who have or had cancer experience loneliness during and after treatment. Nearly four out of five of them want to interact online with other’s who get it, but can’t find a digital space to safely find solidarity and community… until now pals.

Our latest campaign, ‘What Makes You Super’, was created in support of new kids on the cancer charity block, Alike.

Alike is a brand new peer-to-peer app produced to tackle isolation and loneliness felt by young folx in the cancer community. They understand what it’s like to feel on your Todd because of cancer; it was made for the cancer community, by the cancer community.

Their founder, Brad Gudger, is a two-time cancer survivor.  His experience of being alone in the hospital during his Bone Marrow Transplant was the spark that lead to Brad creating Alike.

And it’s going to change the world!


Using modern technology for the power of good, Alike is a safe and secure network for young people in the cancer community to connect with people like them. You can search for people with a matching diagnosis to your own and reach out to them for tailored support or give out advice from your experience.

No better experts than the cancer crew!

But Alike puts you before cancer. The Big C is the last thing it wants to know during sign-up process. The app allows you to pick from a list of broad interests from film to football, encouraging friendships to form beyond your shared sinister cells.

Due to the pandemic and shielding guidelines, young people diagnosed with cancer are now literally isolated. Socially distanced treatment and cancelled IRL charity events have made cancer a lonelier experience than ever before. Alike, too, is needed more than ever before.

As soon as Brad told Lozza about his plan to create the app, she was on it! Throwing up ideas for how she could give a helping hand to get Alike on the market ASAP. Not surprising considering GIRLvsCANCER was born from Lozza’s own feelings of isolation after her diagnosis.

Alike is definitely a bit of us!

20% of all Super Collection sales will be donated to put ‘Alike’ into the hands of the 12,500 young people diagnosed with cancer every year ASAP.