Not sure how I managed it but during the past month I have convinced thirty-three of the UK’s most influential – and fit AF – internet mavens to get snapped jiggling their jubblies. And melons. And bangers. And bee stings. Well, you get the picture.

Since my diagnosis last year there has been no shortage of support from the interweb community but when I called upon the crew to get involved with my most recent mammary mission they didn’t just answer. This perfectly manicured mob came sprinting laden with support and love and an impressive combined instagram audience of 7.6 million.

I sh*t you not. Goals eh?

Years in digital marketing and outreach have got my network on fleek you see. Most of these women I no longer call colleagues, I’m lucky enough to call them lifelong friends. Mega proud to have the industry’s huns at my side spreading boob groping awareness galore. Letting their followers know that they should be getting familiar with their fun bags on the regular and what changes they should be looking for in their lils.

In a business bristling with hashtag ad and hastag spon it feels glorious to have the UK’s blogging MVP’s use their influence for the greater good and I cannot express the depth of my gratitude for all the gorgey girls who took part. In the words of Ms Goulding – I’m standing with an army mate.


Did you know that this isn’t the first time that the blogger gyal dem sugar have some to my TIT-TEE aid? On an East LDN estate in December of last year a chemo-addled Lolli was bundled up by eight of her closest internet fwens to shoot the original TIT-TEE campaign and highlight the, quite frankly, f*cked up financial implications of a cancer diagnosis.

For the GIRLvsCANCER relaunch I knew I needed to up the ante so I cast the net a little wider but jesus wept I did not expect such a babe’in catch.

But this level of awesome does come easy my friends. Oh no. Months of meticulous planning, sample stitch-ups, rescheduling, blood, sweat and bitch fits saw this shoot eventually come to fruition. As did other people’s generosity. Whether that be their time, trade or things my GIRLvsCANCER vision only came alive because of those that got involved. Shutterbug sorcerer Alex Cameron‘s shots have surpassed everything I’d dreamed as did the kindness of the babes that participated. Not gonna lie I’ve cried tears of overwhelmed joy over and over. Consumed with gratitude. Consumed with appreciation.

I know I’ll never be able to say enough thank you’s and the ladies keep telling me I don’t have to. The thing is I don’t think anyone realises that this ‘thing’ we’ve created literally pulled me through the darkest part of my life thus far. When the reality of my shitty titty situation hit it was a way of taking control and of occupying my mangled mind. It was also a method of becoming my own hero in all of this the only way I know how, by making a positive play on a particularly petrifying situation, and raising money and awareness whilst I’m at it.

So go on, get stuck into the new and improved GIRLvsCANCER. Because if you’re gonna give breast cancer the middle finger you may as well do it in red lippie and a sassy t-shirt eh?

G I R L v s C A N C E R   C R E W

Photography by Alexandra Cameron
Make-Up by Kim Lyzba
T-Shirts by GIRLvsCANCER